Saturday April 30 2011
Cosmi: 'Palermo criticised victory'

Serse Cosmi has again blasted Palermo after his 35-day spell on the bench. “I was criticised even after beating Milan. They didn't like the way we won.”

The Coach was brought in to replace Delio Rossi after a 7-0 home defeat to Udinese, but managed one win over Milan and three defeats before being axed.

“Some didn't like my arrival at Palermo from the very beginning,” revealed Cosmi.

“The fans, media and players never wanted to change management in the first place. I realised that after we beat Milan. As soon as I walked into the Press room, I saw it had changed nothing.

“I was even criticised after inflicting the only Serie A defeat of 2011 on leaders Milan. Some didn't like the way we won.

“When that happened, it was obvious the end of my story was written even before the derby defeat to Catania.”

Rossi was recalled a month after his dismissal and seems to have turned their season around.

“Some tried to make it look as if joining Palermo was entirely my decision. I didn't just pack my bag and walk in asking for a job. I was called. I have experience and credibility, but I never thought that was completely understood there.”

Nonetheless, Cosmi refused to blame volcanic President Maurizio Zamparini for the turnaround.

“In this entire situation, Zamparini was the most consistent person. It's also true to say you can't be surprised by these things when you work at Palermo.”