Saturday May 14 2011
Montella shrugs off Lazio doubts

Vincenzo Montella replied to Lazio's insinuations over the race for fourth spot. “I ask Roma to give their best, not players in other teams...”

The controversy arose after Edy Reja publicly urged Catania to put in the utmost effort against the Giallorossi on Sunday despite being already safe from relegation.

“I don't waste my energy on such things. At most I ask Roma to give their best, not players in other teams...” said Montella.

“I expect Catania to be fired up and eager to celebrate in a packed stadium. They want to end the season on a high and I, as Coach and a former player, can tell you a full stadium makes a big difference.”

Udinese are currently in fourth place, while Lazio and Roma are also still in the race for a Champions League preliminary round spot.

“We are gambling with a great deal tomorrow. Udinese are in a similar situation. We must be motivated and have self-confidence to face Catania in the best possible way, talking about the present rather than the future.”

Montella revealed David Pizarro, Mirko Vucinic and Juan are all carrying injuries, while Daniele De Rossi and Simone Perrotta are suspended.

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