Sunday May 15 2011
De Canio: 'Derby is unpredictable'

Gigi De Canio leads Lecce into an amazing match that is both a local derby and a relegation crossroads. “It's never like the other games anyway.”

The Salentini clambered out of the bottom three last week with a last-gasp win over Napoli and must now beat already-relegated Bari to stay in front of Sampdoria.

“A derby is never like the other games anyway, as it escapes all predictions and odds,” warned the Coach.

“What counts are the emotions and individual moments, as in these situations the technical gap between the teams is wiped out. It's totally unpredictable.

“Bari may be relegated, but this is still a derby and on top of that they'll want to send us into Serie B with them. To do that, they must attack and score against us, so it will be wide open.”

Lecce looked to be doomed only a few weeks ago, but have recovered to hold their fate in their own hands.

“At the start of the season I hoped to reach the final two rounds in this position, because I had faith in our work.”

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