Friday May 20 2011
Ficcadenti 'rational' to quit Cesena

Massimo Ficcadenti has explained why he will no longer be the Cesena Coach next season. “It was the most rational decision.”

The tactician took them to safety with a week to spare, but announced Sunday will be his final game in charge.

“Last night President Igor Campedelli and I shared the emotions of a difficult year that saw Cesena deservedly secure safety,” said Ficcadenti.

“Together we made the right and most rational decision for everyone involved. We decided to part ways without even discussing a new contract.

“The club did not dump me, nor did I walk away from them, as I think it was a difficult decision, but the most rational.

“It is right for me to look for a new challenge, while Cesena should be given all the time needed to create a new situation.”

Ficcadenti did have some words of criticism for the local media, though.

“In the past there have been some unjustified personal attacks from a few journalists and fans. I was not so much irritated by the protests against our sporting performance, but more that these insults turned so personal.”