Thursday November 18 2010
Ex-Bologna owners: 'We're unpaid too'

Bologna risk a points penalty for unpaid wages, but now former patrons the Menarini family insist President Sergio Porcedda hasn't paid them either.

There is a great deal of confusion around the Dall'Ara side after it was reported to the authorities for failing to pay outstanding wages from July to September.

President Porcedda insists he beat yesterday's deadline and the only reason the money didn't go through was due to a banking error.

However, the former owners who sold him the club in the summer and still own a 20 per cent stake in Bologna paint a different picture.

“Porcedda was supposed to take over from our letters of credit, which we handed to the Lega worth €10m, in July,” explained Renzo and Francesca Menarini in a Press conference.

“We could've charged him with failing to pay on time, but we didn't do it, as we were at first certain and then hopeful the delays were only down to a temporary difficulty.

“Now we won't do it for the good of Bologna and the city. Clearly the only non-traumatic solution can come from the introduction of new owners or at least new shareholders.”

Bologna could be docked points if they are found guilty of not paying these outstanding wages, but there are even more serious repercussions with the risk of bankruptcy.

“Up until now Porcedda replied with pride, insisting he was self-sufficient, but today he is more flexible.

“We don't even want to hear talk of bankruptcy. Clearly we will not take over the club again, as we are held only by the €10m letter of credit. In exchange all we received was a personal guarantee worth €3m.”

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