Wednesday May 25 2011
Pazzini reveals Sampdoria truth

Giampaolo Pazzini has revealed the reasons behind his January move from Sampdoria to Inter.

Doria chief Riccardo Garrone had previously claimed that the striker requested a move, but the player has given a different version of events.

"The truth is that they should have renewed my contract for some time," he told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

"One day it was sunny, one day it rained, one day there was wind, but they never extended my agreement.

"Then in January they told one of my agents that they were going to sell me in June. Three days later Inter arrived, the world club champions.

"They didn't want to wait though, they wanted me straight away.

"Do you know how many members of the Sampdoria holding company said no to my sale? Two…

"That's why I don't want to be blamed for my exit. But I don't want to think about that anymore, I just want to concentrate on winning the Coppa Italia.

"I gave everything that I could to Sampdoria. And the fact that I haven't spoken about this until today was out of respect for the situation they were in."

Samp ended the season relegated, while Pazzini grabbed 11 goals for his new club as they secured second place.

"It has been a mad four months," he continued. "It wasn't easy to come here halfway through the season.

"I was able to demonstrate something quickly and that was very satisfying. I like to test myself and the challenge doesn't weigh me down."

Inter play Palermo in the Italian Cup Final on Sunday in Rome's Stadio Olimpico.