Monday May 30 2011
Roma have Pioli deadline

Stefano Pioli has warned Roma that he will have to consider other job offers if they don't get back to him by a deadline he has imposed.

Pioli left Chievo last week and he's one of numerous people who have been interviewed by new Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini.

"I gave Sabatini a precise date," Pioli told Radio Mana Mana on Monday. "I will wait for him until then, but it is then clear that I'll need to make a decision.

"Sabatini has told me that he will soon, very soon, let me know of the outcome. He's been very serious with me.

"I've had some other offers and I can't afford to stay out of the game for a year."

Pioli, however, is considered as an outsider for the role after Barcelona B team boss Luis Enrique became a leading contender.

"I'd wish him well," Pioli added. "Nevertheless, I feel as if I'm ready to take the step up to a big club in an important city."