Sunday June 5 2011
Balotelli 'astonished' by clan story

Mario Balotelli is “astonished and disappointed” to discover he was given a tour of Naples by members of organised crime clans.

The Manchester City and Italy striker was named in a police report in June 2010 when walking through the notorious Scampia neighbourhood of the city.

It seems his guides that day were members of powerful organised crime syndicates, namely Salvatore Silvestri of the Lo Russo clan and Biagio Esposito of the Scissionisti clan.

“I had absolutely no idea who those people were,” declared Balotelli this evening.

“That day in Naples there were many people around me. I am astonished and disappointed, especially for the effect this news story could have on my family.”

According to sources close to the striker, Balotelli wanted to visit the places that were made famous by award-winning film ‘Gomorra.'

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