Wednesday June 8 2011
Buffon: 'Wait for betting proof'

Gianluigi Buffon is furious at the media treatment of the betting scandal. “Enough of tarnishing someone's name before there is proof.”

The newspapers in Italy have gone wild over the latest match-fixing allegations that have seen the likes of Beppe Signori arrested and transcripts of wiretapped phone calls published.

“In recent years something similar happened to me, as I was immediately considered guilty for something that in the end I had absolutely no involvement in,” Buffon told Il Messaggero.

“It is only normal that anyone who fixes a game deserves to pay, but at the moment I don't see any decisive evidence, so I'd slow down with names and accusations.

“There is the risk of tarnishing people's names for weeks and then finally see their names cleared in a tiny article towards the back pages if all this proves to be unfounded.

“Despite the years going by, we continue to splash a name on the front page and everything around them is covered in mud.”

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