Saturday June 11 2011
Pastore: 'I never said that!'

Javier Pastore is linked with Real Madrid, Kaka and Douglas Maicon, but released an official statement. “I never said I wanted to leave Palermo.”

El Flaco was quoted by Fox Sports Argentina as saying: “I feel that the time to leave Palermo has arrived.”

However, the player released a statement on his official website to clarify the situation.

“Many people asked me via Twitter if I said that it was time to leave Palermo (as written in Fox Sports Argentina).

“The truth is that I never said that because, as I always point out, I am happy at Palermo.

“What I repeat every time is that if I receive an interesting offer that is good for both the club and for me, then we will evaluate it along with Palermo and my agent.

“Yours, Javi.”

Meanwhile, the Gazzetta dello Sport claims Pastore's departure will open the floodgates for a huge swap deal.

Real Madrid would sign Pastore and therefore have no more need for Kaka.

In turn, Inter are looking to bring in former Milan hero Kaka and can use Douglas Maicon as part of the exchange so he can reunite with Jose Mourinho.