Wednesday June 15 2011
Lazio Olimpico eviction warning

Lazio could be thrown out of the Stadio Olimpico next season if they don't pay off their €2m debt by June 30, warned the CONI.

The matter goes back to the former administration under Sergio Cragnotti and a contract current President Claudio Lotito is not happy with.

He claims the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) charges far too much for Lazio to rent the stadium on match days and is demanding a renegotiation.

“Either Lazio pay their debt by June 30 or they cannot play at the Stadio Olimpico next season,” CONI President Gianni Petrucci told news agency ANSA.

This situation has been dragging on for several months and Lazio went so far as to register the Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence for their Europa League games.

It was seen as a failsafe measure, because many trust the club and CONI will be able to resolve their differences by the time UEFA competition begins.

Not only might Lazio not be able to play Europa League games in Rome, but they could well be barred from Serie A and Coppa Italia ties as well.