Friday June 17 2011
England GM Baldini is running Roma

Although he is “still general manager of England,” Franco Baldini confirms he's working to build the new Roma.

The director was spotted at the Trigoria training ground to welcome Coach Luis Enrique and again today for a summit over transfer strategy.

“Within a couple of weeks the situation will become clear, but right now I cannot comment on Roma,” Baldini told journalists as he left the meeting.

“I am still the general manager of England and that is my position.”

It is a return to Roma for Baldini, who was brought into the England FA by Fabio Capello.

“I don't have much to say, other than the fact I can spend my free time any way I like. Therefore I am free to come here and verify how things are progressing in something I could be dealing with in future.

“My position does not allow me to say anything more, but within a couple of weeks the situation will be clear.”