Tuesday June 21 2011
'Hamsik worth more than Pato'

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis commented on Erik Lamela and insisted “Marek Hamsik is worth more than Alexandre Pato.”

There have been continual stories of Milan's links with Hamsik, who many have suggested is the mysterious ‘Mister X' of the summer, especially after Napoli showed an interest in potential replacement Lamela.

“I like Lamela, but only as a future prospect or investment. He is certainly not a priority for right now,” he told Radio Marte.

“Articles in the newspaper are fine, but reality is a different matter.”

There was also a rumour that Milan could offer Brazilian striker Pato in exchange for the Slovak international.

“If you don't mind me saying, Hamsik is worth more than Pato. I wouldn't even accept a straight swap.”

De Laurentiis also urged the local council to hurry its work on the San Paolo stadium ahead of Champions League competition.

“We have made it clear to the new administration that this is an urgent matter, because the UEFA regulations to take part in the Champions League are very clear. Without certain adjustments, we would not be able to play there, which would be a tragedy for the club and fans.

“Imagine Napoli-Barcelona played somewhere other than the San Paolo. We also have some international friendlies lined up. If we invite Real Madrid, Boca Juniors or Aston Villa, how embarrassing will it be to have a stadium still under construction?”