Friday June 24 2011
Di Michele renews Lecce contract

David Di Michele has renewed his Lecce contract, while Roma sign Andrea Bertolacci, Udinese take Paulo Vitor Barreto and more.

This evening Lecce officially took up their option to renew star Di Michele's contract for one more season, so he will remain at the Stadio Via del Mare.

Lecce and Genoa also renewed their co-ownership status for defender Andrea Esposito.

Roma have bought out the remaining 50 per cent of Bertolacci's contract, as the young forward proved very impressive this season at Lecce.

Udinese have officially taken full ownership of German Denis from Napoli and Barreto from Bari, buying out the remaining 50 per cent of their contracts.

Cagliari took their option to buy Andrea Cocco from Albinoleffe after he was in Sardinia this season.

Sampdoria have renewed their co-ownership status of Vasco Regini with Cesena, Jonathan Rossini and Fernando Tissone with Udinese.