Saturday June 25 2011
Bologna error hands Viviano to Inter?

It's reported Inter have won their blind auction for Emiliano Viviano because Bologna made an amazing mistake in their paperwork.

The two clubs share ownership of the goalkeeper and failed to reach an agreement before yesterday's deadline.

This means it'll go to a blind auction – both sides place a figure into a sealed envelope and the highest bid wins when they are opened at 10.00 UK time this morning.

However, strong reports are emerging that Bologna lost the auction because they made a terrible mistake in the paperwork.

It's claimed Bologna director general Stefano Pedrelli wrote in the wrong section of the bid form.

He also wrote in the wrong figure, assuming their bid for half the player's worth (€4.7m) was split across the form.

Therefore Bologna's offer came out as only €2.35m.

Inter are reported to have bid €4.1m, so it looks as if they have won the auction thanks purely to Bologna's mistakes in the paperwork.

If this is true, then it's an error with repercussions well beyond Italy goalkeeper Viviano.

If Bologna had won the auction, they already had a deal to sell the Azzurri star to Roma.

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