Saturday June 25 2011
'Someone will pay' for Viviano error

Bologna President Albano Guaraldi has warned “someone will pay” for the incredible administrative error that sent Emiliano Viviano to Inter.

The club had made a higher bid for the remaining 50 per cent of his contract and therefore would've won the blind auction, but director general Stefano Pedrelli filled out the form incorrectly.

Instead of writing in the valuation of each half of his contract (€4.71m to Inter's €4.2m), Pedrelli halved that figure again, so the bid ended up at just €2.335m.

“We tried to send a telegram to the Lega explaining the reasons behind this terrible mistake, especially when written by someone who had filled out hundreds of these forms in his career,” blasted Guaraldi.

“We slipped up on a banana peel. From the great euphoria of being able to counter and beat Inter in the auction, regaining credibility, we have been plunged into despair.

“There will be repercussions, because someone who makes such a mistake has got to pay the consequences.

“There is nothing more to say on that. It is blatantly a silly human error.”

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