Tuesday November 23 2010
Corioni: 'Brescia must wake up'

Brescia President Gino Corioni has told his players that they need to wake up and fast if they are to improve in Serie A.

The Rondinelle currently lie 18th in Serie A and haven't won in the League since September when they put together a three-game winning streak.

"The team is prepared," Corioni said. "It creates chances. But it doesn't get anything for it.

"Beppe Iachini is working well and I believe he can lose until June without risking his bench.

"But he must wake up and I say the same thing to the players.

"Perhaps draws with Inter and Juventus convinced them that they are phenomenal. They make banal and unforgivable mistakes.

"Something has to change. It's not a fitness problem because the opponents end up with cramp, not us. But we dominate and we lose.

"The team needs more concentration and less fear," he concluded.