Friday July 1 2011
Lazio freeze Tamas transfer

While Nando Muslera has apparently accepted the move to Galatasaray, Lazio's swoop for West Brom man Gabriel Tamas collapsed today.

The Biancocelesti were thought to have Tamas under lock and key after weeks of negotiations.

“Right now I am heading for Milan and will probably meet (Lazio President Claudio) Lotito and (director Igli) Tare,” agent Ivan Reggiani told Radio Manà Manà.

“Up until a few days ago it was all sorted and we left each other with a handshake, but Lazio remain unconvinced by the player's behavioural tendencies.

“This is why the move is effectively on ice. We have no dialogue with Lazio right now and I absolutely cannot understand their attitude.”

If Tamas won't be joining the Biancocelesti, then a different move is finally ready to go through.

Goalkeeper Muslera was uncertain about accepting Galatasaray, but reports suggest he has now agreed to join in exchange for Turkish midfielder Lorik Cana.