Sunday July 3 2011
Cobolli Gigli: 'Strip Inter Scudetto'

Former Juventus President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli believes Inter's 2005-06 Scudetto should be stripped. “They were involved in the same behaviour.”

The title was won by Juve, but removed along with the 2004-05 edition due to the Calciopoli scandal.

An appeal prompted by new wiretap evidence was effectively rejected this week, partly because of the statute of limitations.

“It was far too hasty a decision,” ex-Juve President Cobolli Gigli told Radio Sportiva.

“I still believe it's wide open. However things go, it will be a difficult solution to reach.

“At the time all directors talked to the referees too much. Juventus did it and other clubs, including Inter, were involved in the same behaviour.

“We could say it was an ugly but widespread habit, so that 2006 Scudetto should remain unassigned.”

The 2004-05 title was left unassigned, but the 2005-06 edition was controversially handed to Inter, who finished third that term behind Juventus and Milan.