Tuesday July 5 2011
Inter chief defends Facchetti

Inter President Massimo Moratti has hit back at allegations by the Italian FA chief investigator that they committed sporting fraud during Calciopoli.

Stefano Palazzi made the claims after examining a number of new wiretaps which emerged from the criminal Calciopoli trial in Naples.

Inter, according to Palazzi, broke sporting code violations in order to "gain an advantage in the standings, by conditioning the refereeing sector."

Palazzi has made his judgment based on several intercepted phone calls between former Inter President Giacinto Facchetti and ex-refereeing designators Paolo Bergamo and Pierluigi Pairetto.

Moratti has quickly hit back, especially in defending club symbol Facchetti who died in September 2006.

"To be honest, I can cut myself out of this, I am secondary, but the fact that Facchetti has been regarded in the way he has is a serious, offensive, stupid thing," said the President.

"Inter fans know exactly what kind of person he was. The gentlemen who will sit down around that table to decide – I'm not quite sure what – know exactly what he was like.

"There are no new elements, only things that others had already judged to be of little note.

"I think this is a very serious attack, a heavy attack, on the club. It's unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable.

"And I will say this very clearly – Palazzi is wrong. He's totally wrong. This is an attack by the prosecutor and, ok, there's no trial so people can say what they want about this.

"I categorically refuse to accept it, Inter does not accept it and what makes the whole thing reek even more is the fact that Facchetti has been caught up in it.

"And I'm not saying that for the sake of it, because it regards somebody who is no longer with us, somebody whom I admire and think very highly of for his honesty.

"Since, at the moment, Facchetti is viewed differently, I don't think very highly at all of the person who did this."

The alleged offences have all been considered as prescribed by Italian sporting law, which means that Inter don't risk any sporting sanctions.

However, it remains to be seen whether it will have any impact on the 2006 Scudetto which was awarded to Inter after Juventus were stripped of the title.

Juve were also relegated to Serie B after being found guilty in the Calciopoli sporting trials of 2006, while Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Reggina were handed point penalties for 2006-07.

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