Wednesday July 6 2011
Moratti: 'I'll fight for Inter'

Inter President Massimo Moratti told fans to boycott the Gazzetta dello Sport and ruled out resigning if the 2006 Scudetto is revoked.

“I did not expect to be abandoned by friends in our own city by a newspaper that has been waging a long battle against us. It is against us, which means it is in favour of someone else,” Moratti told Inter Channel.

“I was accustomed to reading the pink newspaper, but now unfortunately I'll have to stop because their attack was so determined, harsh and calculated that it would be bad taste for me to keep on suffering in this way.

“This was not simply an opinion piece, but rather a calculated political agenda. They are free to say these things, just as we are free to not buy their paper.”

The Gazzetta is among other papers who suggest Inter should hand back the 2006 Scudetto after new evidence ignored during the Calciopoli trial.

This evidence was wire-tapped phone calls from former President Giacinto Facchetti, who died in September 2006.

“The Scudetto is almost secondary now – albeit a point we stand firm on. What was totally unexpected was the attack on someone who is no longer here and cannot defend himself.

“I find this in very bad taste, as we all know Giacinto and how honest he was. It was an ugly attack from the institutions. I know we're not used to having many friends in football...”

The decision on whether to revoke the 2006 title will be made in mid-July and some have suggested Moratti will resign if the Scudetto is taken away.

“I am ready to battle on for Inter and the fans, which is why the idea of abandoning this club or playing the victim never went through my mind. These are the best moments for Inter.”

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