Friday July 8 2011
Moggi: 'Stop hiding, Moratti'

Luciano Moggi has urged Massimo Moratti to hand back the 2006 Scudetto “and stop hiding behind Giacinto Facchetti. Also, Milan are just as bad.”

The recent FIGC report ruled Inter were guilty of similar, and even worse, Calciopoli offences in wiretapped telephone conversations featuring then-President Facchetti.

The Nerazzurri have reacted furiously to what they claim is a personal attack on the integrity of Facchetti, who died in September 2006.

“Moratti should stop hiding behind Facchetti's death. Everyone is sorry that he died, but that doesn't cancel out his voice on those tapes,” declared ex-Juventus director general Moggi.

The FIGC will make a decision on the 2006 Scudetto, originally stripped from Juventus due to the Calciopoli scandal, on July 18.

“What's certain is they have to take that title off Inter. Moratti should just make the best out of a bad situation by handing it back.

“That Scudetto belongs to Juventus. The FIGC didn't really assign the title, but rather let it fall to the next team in the table without a points penalty.”

Inter finished third in the 2005-06 campaign, as Milan were also penalised, but not as severely as the demoted Juventus.

“Milan are just as bad as Inter,” continued Moggi. “Compare my phone calls with theirs and I look like a rank amateur.

“Now they too risk being sued for damages by Juventus.”