Friday July 8 2011
Serie A clubs end pay-per-view row

Serie A clubs have reached an agreement on how to divide up pay-per-view television rights, ending months of bitter rows.

“It was a very successful day's work,” confessed Lega Serie A President Maurizio Beretta.

“The positions are coming closer together. The work has not yet been finalised by the vote, but talks will continue next week and we will probably hold a vote the week after that.

“There was unanimous agreement on three very important elements.”

The five big clubs – Milan, Inter, Juventus, Napoli and Roma – threatened to break away and refuse to do transfer business with the other Serie A sides.

This was after the smaller clubs voted to change the way their television ratings affected the financial split.

This year there will be €197m in pay-per-view television rights and 40 per cent will be divided evenly between all clubs.

Another 30 per cent is divided according to those sides with the most fans, television viewers and ticket sales.

This was the main problem in negotiations, as there was disagreement on how to calculate which clubs had more of an ‘audience.'

The final 30 per cent is split along the lines of sporting merit, so results over a number of years and the history of the club is worth more than simply last season's achievements.

“The disagreements over calculating the audience had effectively blocked all negotiations,” continued Beretta.

“Now the positions are getting gradually closer and we can start to move forward.”

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