Monday July 11 2011
Villarreal invite Rossi bids

Juventus have been given the hurry up by Villarreal over their pursuit of Giuseppe Rossi.

Turin club official Beppe Marotta has confirmed the outfit's interest in the Italian international forward.

Marotta held talks with Rossi's agent last week and there is another meeting scheduled for the days ahead.

However, Juventus have yet to make an official bid to Villarreal and the Spanish club are growing impatient.

"Our season is about to start," Villarreal President Fernando Roig noted. "Whoever wants one of our big players has to come forward.

"Up until this point we have received no offers for Rossi, for Santiago Cazorla or for Joan Capdevilla.

"Whoever wants them has to get a move on."

Juventus have turned their attention to Rossi after it was believed that the costs involved to sign Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid were too steep.

Speculation suggests that Juve could offer cash plus a player to Villarreal – with Felipe Melo or Marco Motta being included in the deal.