Friday July 15 2011
Palermo unveil stadium plans

Maurizio Zamparini unveiled plans for Palermo's new 35,000-seater stadium. “It will be a jewel.”

Juventus become the first club in Serie A to own a stadium when the restructured Delle Alpi is inaugurated next month.

Others are eager to follow suit, as Napoli, Lazio and Roma have already suggested similar plans, but Palermo are out in front.

“Owning the stadium is a fundamental component of modern football,” President Zamparini told ANSA news agency.

“A new arena would be crucial for our future. Palermo's new home will have 35,000 seats and it'll be a jewel. Soon we'll present the project in full.

“Building work will take six months, so the only thing missing is the red tape. The stadium will bring in more income that can be used to pay for itself. It'll be a long-term investment for the club and Palermo itself.”

Zamparini has been trying to build a stadium for at least a decade, as he also saw similar plans fall to dust when he was in charge of Venezia.

The patron also looked ahead to the season under new Coach Stefano Pioli, whose ideas are very different to predecessor Delio Rossi.

“We'll have a great campaign and I hope the Pioli era is a long one. He didn't ask me for any new buys, as he said the squad at his disposal is excellent.

“Our team will not be defensive. If anything, it'll be more balanced. I will avoid talking to Pioli about the tactical system. I did that with Rossi, seeing as he obstinately kept playing the same way.”

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