Saturday July 16 2011
Perrotta excited by Enrique's Roma

Simone Perrotta is very excited by Luis Enrique's arrival at Roma. “You can tell there's a new atmosphere and we're learning a different style of football.”

The club has been revolutionised this summer with the departure of President Rosella Sensi and the take-over from American investor Thomas Di Benedetto.

“You can tell there's a new atmosphere, as there has been a change of owner, directors and Coach,” said Perrotta.

“Having said that, the squad working here in pre-season is pretty much the same as in previous years, but everyone likes this new style of football.

“We're following Luis Enrique's orders with a sense of curiosity. He reminds me of Luciano Spalletti.

“The Coach wants us to keep possession of the ball a great deal, whereas in Italy we're accustomed to seeking cross-field passes immediately to get it closer to the goal. The Coach has made it clear he does not want long balls.”

The new Giallorossi style aims to meld together Barcelona's tactics with the Italian pragmatism, but it could take a while to develop.

“We are a work in progress,” continued 2006 World Cup winner Perrotta.

“I have never made predictions ahead of a season, especially this one, but we are Roma and certainly can't battle to avoid relegation!

“I don't know how much time it will take to assimilate Enrique's new tactics, but I can say the team is right behind him.”

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