Thursday November 25 2010
Gattuso: 'Difficult times to come'

Gennaro Gattuso is riding on Milan's wave, but also warned his teammates. “The difficult times are still to come.”

The Rossoneri are through to the knockout phase of the Champions League and top of the Serie A table.

“The difficult times are still to come. All the teams we face from now on will have the attitude of those facing the Serie A leaders and will give 100 per cent,” he told Milan Channel.

“They did it before as well, because playing against Milan is always an important event, but when you are in front then every game is one step closer to the final goal. The three points get more and more important, week by week.”

Gattuso is particularly impressed that his teammates are doing so well while Andrea Pirlo is injured.

“At the moment we are missing a player who, in my view, is football. The fact he is out and the results are still coming says so much about this sport. You need luck too.

“For example, we didn't play all that well in Auxerre this week, but you could see we wanted to win. If we have this motivation then nobody is indispensible, especially not me.”

Gattuso was dropped for much of last season and confessed he nearly walked away, but Leonardo's departure opened the door for a new chapter to his career.

“Things are going much better than last term, let's just say that. To be fair, I felt the same adrenaline and sensations as I do now before I had that serious injury in December 2008.

“I didn't think a cruciate ligament injury would be a walk in the park, but nor did I expect so many problems. Thank God everything is going well now.”