Thursday November 25 2010
Palombo fury at Cassano row reports

Sampdoria captain Angelo Palombo raged at journalists who suggested he'd had a row with Antonio Cassano. “Who writes this rubbish?”

Cassano has been frozen out of the squad following an argument with President Riccardo Garrone, but there are also reports of a disagreement with his captain.

“I'd like the person who said that to bring witnesses so we can all talk it over along with Antonio,” blasted Palombo on Sky Sport Italia.

“I never had a row with him and everyone can confirm that. We have always helped each other and he tried to improve my game. He'd often see Guti and suggest I follow a similar position on the field.

“These stories hurt me, because I cannot wake up in the morning and see that. Who writes this rubbish?”

Palombo softened when discussing Cassano's state of mind during the legal proceedings to have his contract terminated. It was rumoured he tried to broker a peace deal with the President.

“As captain it is only normal that I try to salvage what I can for the good of Sampdoria. Cassano is depressed, that's only normal, as football is his life.

“A player of his talent would be missed by Milan, let alone Samp. We often gave the ball to Antonio and he'd create something, but now we all have to give something more.”

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