Tuesday July 19 2011
Montolivo 'is not a traitor'

Fiorentina have engaged in double-standards by treating Riccardo Montolivo as “a traitor” and stripping his captaincy, said his agent.

The midfielder is no longer the captain after refusing to extend the contract which expires in June 2012.

“Just as there are clubs that do not intend to renew contracts to players, so the players can at the same time not intend to renew their contracts with clubs,” agent Carlo Pallavicino told Radio Mana Mana.

“It happened in the past at Fiorentina to Tomas Ujfalusi, Marco Donadel and Mario Alberto Santana.

“I don't understand why only on this occasion Riccardo has to be painted as a traitor.

“I prefer not to say anything on his future right now, as it could be misconstrued.”