Tuesday July 26 2011
Mancini wants 'serious' Balotelli

Roberto Mancini is hoping that Mario Balotelli has learned a lesson after he subbed him during Manchester City's game against LA Galaxy.

The former Inter striker gave City the lead after converting a penalty, but was replaced after some showboating with an outrageous back-heel instead of scoring.

"I think that we need to be always professional, always serious, and for me in that case Mario wasn't professional. For this I changed him," said boss Mancini.

"If you have a chance to score, you should score. I hope for him it is an important lesson.

"But Mario is young. Sometimes he makes mistakes, but I want to help him always.

"If Mario is serious, he can play for 90 minutes. If not, then he will join me on the bench, as he did. It is the same for all players."

Former Milan midfielder and now LA Galaxy star David Beckham has defended the young Italian though.

"I have watched it a few times and from his mannerisms I believe he thought he was offside," said the Manchester United legend.

"Mario has been a great player for quite a few years now and he is still very young. He will continue to get better.

"But it doesn't matter whether you think it was offside or not. There are a lot of young kids watching these teams and great players who come out here.

"You have to be professional and score the goal."

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