Saturday November 27 2010
Porcedda makes Bologna pledge

Bologna President Sergio Porcedda has pledged to put his belongings on the line to save the club from bankruptcy. “I'm working to fix this.”

The club risks a three-point penalty after allegedly failing to cover unpaid wages from the summer.

Porcedda has officially put Bologna up for sale, but suggested he may not want a new buyer after all.

“I am ready to use everything I own as collateral to save the club. I'm working to fix this,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“An exceptional rapport has been formed with the team and the Coach, so we are trying to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

“Since the moment I arrived in Bologna, I haven't received a warm welcome. Now we are working on a solution, but not with the local banks.”

The Menarini family sold 80 per cent of the club shares to Porcedda in the summer, but claim they haven't received any money yet.

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