Wednesday July 27 2011
Police 'did hear Inter Calciopoli calls'

Luciano Moggi's lawyers claim police did originally mark Inter's wiretaps for further investigation, but they were ignored in the Calciopoli trial.

These phone calls featuring then-President Giacinto Facchetti were deemed to violate Article 6, the clause regarding Sporting Fraud, by the FIGC Disciplinary Commission this month, but Inter could not be punished due to the statute of limitations.

Moggi's lawyers now claim they have examined the original files and discovered police did mark the Inter wiretaps with the same ‘triple red' mark as the Juventus calls back in 2006.

“It's a shocking discovery,” lawyer Maurilio Prioreschi told Tuttosport. “The marks used to differentiate the files are very clear. However, someone told the police to provide transcripts of those calls and opted to leave out the Inter ones, so these never reached the public prosecutor.

“The truth is that the real Calciopoli inquiry is being performed by Moggi's legal team and it will be a complete investigation. The CD-ROMs we requested are providing some remarkable answers.

“It is clear there was a filter in information that goes from the bottom to the very top of the investigation. Those wiretapped calls did not disappear. They were listened to and evaluated.

“Someone at a superior level did not request certain ‘valuable' calls be transcribed. Had they been transcribed, they would've reached the prosecutor in time for the sporting trial that brought down Juve, hurt Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio.

“It would've made a huge difference, because that trial spoke about an exclusive association of clubs acting in a certain way. These calls prove that was not the case.

“When the civil Calciopoli trial resumes on September 27, I will request a new police investigation. We need someone to explain what happened and if a crime was committed.”

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