Wednesday July 27 2011
De Laurentiis storms out!

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis furiously stormed out of the Serie A draw. “I am ashamed to be Italian! I'm going back to cinema.”

The patron had hoped his team would not have difficult fixtures close to the Champions League games. After only a few fixtures had been revealed by the computer, De Laurentiis reacted very angrily.

He swore at the gathered Serie A club Presidents, FIGC members and media in the Lega hall as he walked away.

“It's all been mapped out against us,” he blasted. “Enough is enough, I'm going back to cinema.

“I'm ashamed to be Italian! I want to change citizenship!”

Napoli will face Milan in Week 3, which is just four days after their Champions League debut.

They'll also face Inter in Week 6, only three days after the second round of the group phase.

De Laurentiis has long been a vocal critic of the football world, having taken over Napoli in Serie C after their bankruptcy.

He is most famous as part of one of the world's biggest movie producer dynasties.

In a truly bizarre detail, it's reported De Laurentiis was so eager to get away from the Lega hall that he asked for a lift from a passing teenager on a scooter.