Saturday November 27 2010
Cesar: 'Eto'o made personal apology'

Bostjan Cesar was not mentioned in the public Samuel Eto'o head-butt apology, but reveals it's because “he apologised to me personally.”

The Inter striker received a three-match Serie A ban after he was caught on camera head-butting Chievo defender Cesar in the chest during an off-the-ball incident.

Although Eto'o released a public apology to his teammates and “all the protagonists” of the match, he did not specifically name Cesar.

“He phoned me and said he really regretted what he'd done,” the Chievo man told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He apologised to me and my family. The head-butt was just a result of his tension. I immediately accepted. You can tell a real champion from that behaviour.

“Clearly in the moment of the match you're in a sort of trance and these things can happen, but understanding you made a mistake shows your intelligence. A personal apology is a sign of a real professional.”

Eto'o and Inter claimed he had been provoked by a tussle with Cesar a few minutes earlier, in which the Chievo defender had swung out an arm to hit him in the back of the head.

Cesar insists when they next cross paths, there will be absolutely no problem.

“It was a matter we had to clarify personally and with a cool head. I realised Samuel and Inter are going through a tricky time and tension can play nasty tricks on you. Eto'o proved himself to be a champion and I have already forgotten the incident.”

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