Saturday November 27 2010
Reja prefers 'shadows' of second

Lazio boss Edy Reja prefers it now that his side are not top of the table. “We do better working in the shadows.”

The Biancocelesti were the surprise Serie A leaders, but now that they are ‘only' in second place, the media is more focused on other sides.

“We don't fit in with the important clubs and evidently the media consider us to be smaller compared with Inter, Milan, Juventus and Roma,” said Reja.

“This is why we do not have the same column inches in the newspapers or the same consideration.

“However, this is not a problem. If anything, we do better working in the shadows. Right now there is so much talk about Milan and Massimiliano Allegri.

“When we were dominating the debate, we immediately hit two straight defeats against Roma and Cesena. Now we'll see if the same happens to the Rossoneri.”

Lazio hope to beat Catania on Sunday before tricky fixtures against Inter and Juventus.

“When you are on top, there is a lot of pressure on you. Clearly we'll try to get back into the leadership position, but for now I'd rather be where we are.

“In my view, Catania represents a crucial game for our season, as getting a positive result would reinforce the belief we are a strong side. Clearly after Inter and Juve we can have a definitive idea of what we can achieve.”

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