Sunday November 28 2010
Rossi: 'We can still improve!'

Palermo may have thrashed Roma 3-1 to go into joint fifth place, but Delio Rossi still isn't happy. “We've still got so many defects.”

The Sicilians made a step up in quality and in pedigree with tonight's victory and leapfrogged their opponents to go on level terms with Inter.

“I still see that we've got so many defects as well as reasons to be happy. Our team spirit and way of holding the field has improved, but as a Coach I can say it's easy to get 90 per cent of the way to a great side. It takes years and details to get to 100.

“We struggled a lot in the opening 20 minutes,” moaned Rossi. “After the break the team did very well and deserved the three points.

“A Coach has to set down the basic sheet music, but then the players have room to improvise phrasing on top of that. I cannot try to take the instinct out of these lads, but at the same time they need something to fall back on rather than total anarchy.”

Roma seemed to run out of steam, perhaps because they played in the Champions League midweek while Palermo rested.

“We trained all week and we saw the results. This squad is not really ideal for playing every three days,” added the tactician.

“However, it's only right to give credit to President Maurizio Zamparini and former director Walter Sabatini for building this side. There are many young talents who are yet to be discovered and a lot of work to be done.”

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