Tickets for AS Roma matches can be bought directly from Football Italia (Tiro Media Ltd) - usually, the next four games are currently on sale, and will either be Category A or B pricing depending on how high profile the visitor is:

Stadio Olimpico Map and Pricing

(Click here to open a larger stadium plan in a new window)

Maximum 4 tickets per purchase. Tickets will be emailed to the buyer upon purchase, and will need to be printed and brought to the match along with a valid passport.

To order your tickets, get in touch with one of our ticket staff by email with the following information:

  • Match to attend
  • Stadium Sector
  • Full name and address of buyer
  • Full name, Date of Birth, and country of birth of all attendees
  • A scan of a valid passport or driving licence of all attendees

Tiro Media Ltd does not guarantee the availability of any tickets and will communicate availability after initial orders are made. Tickets for disabled visitors, along with family stand tickets, need to be bought direct with AS Roma by contacting their Centro Servizi on Distinti tickets will be sold first in the Distant Sud, until full when Distant Nord will be sold.