Thursday 18 May 2017

10 years of Juve

19 My 2007/2017. The fantastic jorney from Serie B to Cardiff

Beating Conte's Arezzo, 120 months ago, the Bianconeri returned to Serie A.

We recount to you the renaissance of the five (almost six) Scudetti, and the three Coppa Italia trophies ahead of a potential treble.


The mountainous wages go up. The choice may serve to keep Donnarumma.


The alarm of Ausilio

"A split squad and no strategy"


Tears of joy: they return to Serie A and put Cassano on reserve

Vicenza relegated


The most beautiful of all time!

Possible Juve Treble opens a debate over other teams who made history

Our jury put Il Grande Torino ahead of the Dutch Milan and Herrera’s Inter

But the discussion includes Napoli, Roma and Lazio

Mertens signs: 2020

An agreement between the striker and Napoli, soon the announcement

Three-year contract worth €4m and in a year a clause for €30m

Milan market, €150m ready

Chinese present themselves with a curriculum: Yonghong Li owns a phosphorous mine

Verona back in Serie A, Frosinone into the play-offs

Trapani drop down to Lega Pro, no play-outs

Dani Alves

So much for washed-up

Dumped in June by Barcelona, he has become a fundamental figure in the Treble-chasing Juve

Here is the secret of the Brazilian, the most successful ace in Europe

Carrasco and Keita, wings to fly with

Marotta seeks reinforcements for the attack: Bernardeschi, Douglas Costa and Lerner also on the list

‘Ferocious Toro with Genoa’

Bianchi and memories of 2009: ‘They played to the death and quite rightly gave us nothing. We must do the same’

Yonghong Li, there is phosphorous in Milan

His CV is revealed: mines in China and finance

The plan for Donnarumma, keep him by imitating Raiola

Nainggolan the Inter card for… Conte

Suning won’t give up for the Chelsea Coach and work on a coup

A rumour: Di Maria

Verona in A, play-off battle

Last Serie B round: Frosinone, Perugia, Benevento, Cittadella, Carpi and Spezia in the play-offs

Trapani and Vicenza in Lega Pro