Saturday 12 August 2017

Juve-Lazio, a night for Supermen

Italian Super Cup: Allegri to reboot after Cardiff with Dybala debuting in Number 10 and Higuain’s history against the Biancocelesti

Inzaghi with Immobile and the class of Milinkovic

Keita storm

Not called up and accuses: ‘Psychological damage’

Milan all in on Kalinic

The Croatian is very close and Aubameyang opens the door

Florence: there’s Simeone

Inter, give me five

The big Spalletti summer continues against Betis

Icardi decides from the spot with his first goal of the season

Closing on Schick, at left-back it’s Cancelo or Aurier

Coppa Italia

Bologna 0-3 Cittadella

Benevento 0-4 Perugia

Serie B sweeps A aside

Samp trio past Zeman

Chelsea on edge

Conte beaten straight away and Diego Costa sues

New flop after the Community Shield

After two red cards, Burnley win 3-2

Spain: tonight the first Barça-Real

Entertain us

Juve-Lazio, the Super Cup assigned at the Olimpico

Allegri fired up: ‘Let’s cancel Cardiff’

Inzaghi leaves out Keita, who attacks: ‘Decision had nothing to do with sporting criteria’

Packed stadium

Inter, applause with Betis too

Icardi strikes

Penalty from Maurito: 1-0

Borja leader, Dalbert ok

Closing on Cancelo

Wild Premier League

Conte flop

Salah, what a show!

Chelsea KO with Burnley

Momo on target straight away

Spain, there’s the ‘clasico’

Napoli protest, Nice banned for its Champions League fans

Fiorentina coup, Simeone sealed for €18m

Jese gets more complicated

Super Cup


Then Keita

Allegri seeks the first triumph of the season, while the striker who pledged himself to the Bianconeri definitively breaks rapport with his club

Spinazzola: Gasperini gives up

Toro: Miha won’t let go and insists on Niang


Icardi knocks down Betis (1-0)

Spalletti moves into fifth gear

Conte, the first is a nightmare

Chelsea KO down to nine men against Burnley

Tonight the return of Barça-Real Madrid

Zidane renews to 2020

Coppa Italia

Bologna, what a collapse: they lose 3-0 at home to Cittadella