Wednesday 20 September 2017

They both win five in a row and surpass Inter

Hey, give me five

Juve and Napoli: the first time two favourites move clear

Super Mandzukic is hard-headed: Fiorentina laid out

Mertens with a Maradona-esque gem

Lazio fold

The comment

But behind them, there’s so much life

Four goals at Benevento

Dzeko and two own goals: a racing Roma

Baroni’s position is now under threat

Granata slither on

What a great display from Belotti

Toro okay in Udine

There is the derby on Saturday

They demolish Crotone

Atalanta five-star

From Petagna to Papu, it is a celebration for everyone

Like Diego!

What a comeback!

Masterpiece from Mertens, Maradona scored like that 32 years ago, also against Lazio

Another show from Napoli after Sarri goes behind: Dries phenomenal

Inzaghi loses three defenders

Head to head

Juve’s Law

This time Mandzukic scores, but what a struggle with the Viola

Allegri beats Fiorentina (1-0) without enchanting and remains at the top on full points with the Azzurri


With Dzeko you soar, brace for a poker

At Benevento also two own goals

UEFA, Uva elected Vice-President: ‘It’s an honour for me’


Mandzukic head of gold

Fiorentina knocked down by the Croatian’s nod

On Saturday night it’s the derby


Gallo+Ljajic, a scary pair

Show of strength from the Granata in Udine, despite the usual Rocchi and wasted chances

Uva Vice-President of UEFA

After Agnelli at ECA, another success for Italian football

Napoli take control, Lazio crushed

Milan win with penalties

Atalanta Manita