Saturday 7 October 2017

Ventura back to the wall

Italy into the play-offs, but national team boss under fire

If we don't win in Albania tomorrow, there's the risk of being unseeded

Pirlo's memories: "With Conte, 20 minutes were enough..."

Juve, it's broken October

Mandzukic and Barzagli injured: and there are eight

Brocchi and Berlusconi: "He wanted me and Capello"

Inter, Brozovic issue: doubt for the derby?

Belgium give the play-offs to the Azzurri

‘I’ll take you to the World Cup’

Buffon fires everyone up: ‘It’s down to us more experienced players to get Italy out of this situation’

‘I ask the lads to be brazen. Attacking Ventura is unfair. Already tomorrow against Albania, you’ll see a response’

The pact

Face-to-face behind closed doors between veterans and youngsters

Authorised by the CT, the summer helped shake things up

The play-offs

Need three points to stay as top seeds

Croatia and Ireland can still take away our position

Fans united, VAR given thumbs-up

Everyone likes the new system

The majority think Serie A is better with technology

Derby: Spalletti loses Brozovic, Montella change in four moves

In a week the Inter-Milan showdown

Rossoneri want Biglia and Bonucci back at the top

The locker room pact

Buffon: ‘Italy, trust me, I’ll take you to Russia’

Our interview with the Azzurri goalkeeper confirms the veterans reunited with their teammates to lead the Nazionale comeback

Meanwhile, Bosnia defeat guarantees our World Cup play-off place

Juve prepare Plan D: Dybala symbol around the world


Belotti, you cannot rush

Cairo: ‘But he can make it for Ventura’


Spalletti and Montella, two Coaches get top marks