Monday 9 October 2017

Head of the series

Italy in Pot 1 but continue to disappoint.
Toward Russia 2018: Suffer to a 1-0 in Albana. Now the play-offs.
Freed by Candreva’s goal in the 28th minute of the second half.
The good news is that in November we definitely avoid Croatia [2-0 in Ukraine], as well as Portugal and Switzerland.
Ventura appeals to the clubs: “Let my lads play.”

World Cup stars or falling stars?

Anxiety for Messi and CR7.
Argentina in the last chance saloon, they have to beat Ecuador.
Portugal against Switzerland to avoid the play-offs.

Samuel: “Skriniar is very good”
Ronaldinho: “I’m with Montella”

Toward the derby: two symbols of the past play Inter-Milan for us.
Brozovic misses Napoli too - the technical sponsor leaves the Rossoneri.

Dybala, Buffon, Dzeko, Mertens and Bonucci: Italy worthy of the Ballon d’Or

The favourite is always Cristiano Ronaldo, but ours are on the rise.
Eulogistic words from France Football for the Juve goalkeeper.

Mission (almost) accomplished

Qualification for the World Cup

Italy struggle, but get it done: they are top seeds in the play-offs

Candreva-goal, Albania beaten

Ventura: Always had faith

‘Me to Juve, what an honour’

Liverpool’s German will be a free agent in June

Emre Can: ‘I’m proud to have received an offer’

Ballon d’Or: There’s also Dybala in the list

Bonucci and Buffon the two Italians, CR7 the favourite


‘I wouldn’t swap Sarri with Pep, but I want Chiesa’

De Laurentiis off the leash: ‘The Scudetto is just the start’

The turning point

Handanovic marries Inter, he is ready to sign on for the Champions League

For five seasons the goalkeeper has been hunting for a place in the Cup competition

Phew! Italy, yes!

Hard-fought success in Albania thanks to a Candreva goal in the second half: Azzurri made sure of their top seed status in the World Cup play-off draw on October 17

Iceland and Serbia qualify, Ireland and Croatia earn the play-offs winning in Wales and Ukraine

But we have to change

Allegrists against Sarriani


Allegri interview with Tuttosport re-opened the diatribe between Juventini and Napoletani

The Bianconeri boss: ‘It’s easier to be beautiful than to win’

Ready reply from De Laurentiis: ‘We are beautiful and winners’

Allegri: 4 Scudetti, 3 Coppa Italia trophies, 2 Italian Super Cups

Sarri: Zero titles

Toro: Cairo prepares the Miha renewal

Signal to the team