Tuesday 24 October 2017

The torments of Bonucci: “I said sorry”

“An involuntary elbow, even Rosi knows that.”
“I’m disappointed, and I said it to the club and my teammates.”
Two game ban, Milan lose him against Chievo and Juve.
Motivator: “Ego on a 50 degree plane, he should give up the armband.”
And Leo: “I disassociate myself”.

Operation overtake

Between Inter and a night ahead of Napoli is the Sampdoria jinx.

Legend Buffon

The goalkeeper of the year: “I want to leave with the Champions League”.

Brescia extend their lead over Bari

Today the rest of Serie B.

Madness from the Lazio Ultras, Anne Frank in a Roma shirt

Anti-Semitic stickers at the Olimpico.
Shameful messages and photos in the Giallorossi’s Curva Sud.
The club risks being hammered.
Lotito and the players will visit the synagogue today.

Let’s go to command

Chance for Inter: If they beat Samp they’ll be top, waiting for Napoli.
Spalletti challenges his friend Giampaolo.

Olimpico, shock incident

Anne Frank in a Roma shirt, the Lazio Ultras under accusation.
Anti-Semitic stickers in the Curva Sud, the Jewish community rises up.
The FIGC prosecutor opens an inquiry.
Lotito to the synagogue today, the club says “They want to damage us”.

Bonucci, no Juve but “I didn’t mean to hit him”

Elbow on Rosi, the defender banned for two rounds.

Serie B: Bari KO’d in Brescia, Palermo what a test

The Pugliesi beaten 2-1 in the early game.
Today the Rosanero at Carpi to restart.

Rambo Higuain is born

With Juve down to 10 in Udine he competed and ran like never before, he recovered four times as many balls compared to the average for Serie A strikers, and for the first time enters into the top five for kilometres covered.

Toro: Cairo goes into the tackle and jabs at Mihajlovic - “I’m not happy”

Milan: Teammates and motivator, everyone against Bonucci

Two game ban, no Juve.

Golden boy

Golden M’Bappé: “From here I’ll launch my challenge to the world”.

Inter: Samp trap

Spalletti leaves the freedom of the training camp and aims for the summit.

Lazio Ultras’ Anne Frank outrage, the Federcalcio starts an investigation