Tuesday 14 November 2017

The End

Italy without the World Cup after 60 years.
Only a 0-0 draw with Sweden.
Does Ventura step down? “I have to speak with Tavecchio”.
The goodbye tears of captain Buffon: “A brutal conclusion”.

Milan: Montella yes, signings in January no. And the debt…

“Champions League obsession - Juve, rise again”

Marotta: “After the two finals lost, it’s time to win one. No Scudetto? A defeat.”

Cairo attack on TV: “Two billion for Serie A”

The President and TV rights

Everybody out!

After 60 years Italy don’t go to the World Cup

Azzurri in tears, Buffon: ‘Forgive us’

Ventura leaves, but he mustn’t be the only one


Atletico Madrid open: Vrsaljko? It can be done

The President awaits an offer: ‘If someone steps up…’

Emre Can and Goretzka: Marotta names names

The Juve director general out in the open: ‘We are interested’

Shareholder’s meeting

Milan put the accounts in order

Li’s plan: balance the books in 2020 and float on the stock exchange

Everybody home!

Italy out of the World Cup: It had only happened 60 years ago

No goals scored in the play-off with Sweden, who only needed an own goal in the first leg

The shame doesn’t just involve Ventura, who won’t be the CT any more, but an entire football movement

Buffon in tears announces his farewell to the Nazionale

We deserved it

Juve: ‘Champions League? It’s an obsession now. Can-Goretzka, yes’

Marotta: ‘Seventh Scudetto or it’s a defeat’

Toro: ‘Cairo and the war chest

‘In January some adjustments, but I won’t spend much’

Via Valentino Mazzola unveiled in Milan


More millions, new stadium, stop to waste: ‘UEFA, how’s that?’

Shareholder’s meeting: Capital increased, but no January coups

Inter between Haller and Sandro

Napoli: Vrsaljko or Grimaldo