Tuesday 21 November 2017

Goodbye Tav

And now a yellow commissario.
Showdown: the President of the FIGC resigns.
Tavecchio leaves and attacks: “Victim of political profiteering”.
Malago doesn’t close to it: “Ungovernable situation, if anything extreme happens we’ll intervene”.
But football wants to go to a vote within three months.

Lippi: “He chose Ventura as CT, not me”

Napoli everything for everything

With Shakhtar only a win will do.
In the Champions League, Sarri trusts Insigne.

Juve: Allegri face to face with the players - “let’s give more”

And Roma challenge Atletico inspired by the greats of Spain.

Palermo, ciao to the summit

Lesion with Cittadella.

Inter fly with Spalletti and the decisive goals of Super-Icardi

Areas to reinforce, Pastore is knocking and Suning will decide on Ramires.

We haven’t seen the real Milan yet, Montella continues to make and remake

Okwonbwo-Donsah, Bologna turn over Verona in three minutes. Pecchia in the balance

End of the line for Del Neri

Udinese bet on the idea of Oddo. The announcement today.

The ball is a prisoner

Tavecchio relents and resigns.
Malago wants to be commissioner, but it’s an uphill road and football puts up the wall: elections in three months?
A day rich in twists finishes with the FIGC without guidance and at the mercy of old political rituals.
We risk missing another chance.

Napoli fired-up

Champions League at the San Paoli, there’s Shakhtar to remain in the hunt.
Sarri has to beat them.

Bologna comeback

They turn things around in Verona, from 1-2 to 3-2 with baby Owkonkwo.

Palermo, what a collapse

After court, a miserable KO [0-3] with Cittadella.

Barça therapy

After the KO with Samp, the best medicine for Juve would be a win over Barcelona tomorrow in the Champions League.
Allegri changes the middle of the team.
Dybala wants to rediscover La Joya.
Interview with Jordi Alba: “Mandzukic and Douglas Costa are tough customers”.
Napoli, heart and soul against Shakhtar this evening.

Cairo orders the double breakthrough

Messages to Mihajlovic and Belotti.
“I want to beat Milan, Gallo has to rediscover his hunger for goal and Toro can be his national team”.

Inter: Icardi goldmine, in China he’s ‘worth’ Neymar

Serie A: Bologna blitz, Pecchia wobbles

Udinese to Oddo.