Monday 11 December 2017

Sweet for Rino

Snow at San Siro and Milan beat Bologna [2-1].
Bonaventura show, Gattuso thawed out.
Jack’s double [and he scored against Benevento too] gives Ringhio his first joy and seventh place in the table, which is worth the Europa League.

The In-Terminator

Viola traffic light for Napoli.
Spalletti stays top and attacks.
Only draws in front, Roma also draw at home with Chievo and miss their chance.
Sarri doesn’t recover, Fiorentina deserve the draw: no overtake.
The Nerazzurri Coach [like Mou] teases his rivals: “the sewers are still empty”.

Ciro against Il Gallo

Hey, bomber friends, who will be unblocked?

Juve don’t get the English and Neymar, get Dybala back

Champions League: Roma risk Bayern and Real.
Europa League: Napoli, watch out for Cholo.

Pep and the City: He beats Mou in the derby and has the Premier League in hand.

Palermo, what strength!

Bari KO’d and they’re top.

From Canada to France: Giovinco and Balotelli are successful emigrants.

The Christmas Scudetto

Napoli fail to overtake: Inter remain on top, Roma slow down and Lazio tonight try to catch up

The sprint for the Winter title has started and promises to leave us breathless

And Gattuso plays his Jack

A brace from Bonaventura gives Milan 2-1 victory over Bologna

First victory for Ringhio: ‘A step forward, but a lot of work to be done’

Champions League

Draw: Ronaldo and Pep risks

Today in Nyon: Di Francesco and Allegri anxiety

The Europa League rivals too

Premier League: Guardiola, ciao Mou

City beat United and run away: +11

Serie B

Palermo, 3-0 and first place

Bari crushed at the San Nicola, the Rosanero are sole leaders

Argentine pact: I’ll give you La Joya

Higuain cure to recharge Dybala: balance, hard work and… ketchup

From tomorrow, the whole team under the cosh to rediscover sharpness and form

Today Euro draw with English danger for Juve

Napoli, the crisis continues and without Insigne there are no goals

Fiorentina hang on, leadership missed

Sorrentino wall, Roma crash into it

Only a draw with Chievo

Bologna beaten

Milan, at least there’s Bonaventura

Gattuso can breathe

Tonight Lazio-Toro

Beat a big club, then the transfer market

Miha recipe for the relaunch

Manchester Derby

United KO, City win 2-1 and Guardiola soars to +11

Serie B: Palermo are a tank, they win 3-0 at Bari and go top