Wednesday 13 December 2017

Gigio chaos, could he leave as soon as January?

Donnarumma-Milan, atmosphere of divorce.
The goalkeeper writes that he was pressurised, it turns out the clause isn’t there: a mess.
But check the axis between Raiola and the club to find a solution which is good for everyone.
PSG and Real ready.
Tonight the clash with Verona in the Coppa Italia

Night of stars

The Gazzetta Sports Awards 2017 are assigned.
Totti and Contador the legends, then Agnelli and Buffon (what a hug with N’Kono), Belotti and Gasperini.

Bombshell: Pordenone scare San Siro and then Inter

Bad impression from Inter against the Serie C side: decided on penalties at the bitter end.
At 17.30 it’s Fiorentina-Samp.

Ilicic-Masiello, Atalanta suffer then fly in Genoa’s home

Gigio, shut up and play

Raiola's attack, Milan block it: Donnarumma stays, the contract is there and is to be respected.

Inter shiver

They go through only on penalties, Pordenone within touching distance of a coup.
Coppa Italia: The Nerazzurri in the quarter-finals, but what suffering.
Spalletti puts the big players on, but Padelli decides it by saving everything.

Antonella arrives to save Dybala

After Nedved’s jolt, Juve work to recover the Argentine superstar, who meanwhile has found peace with his long-term girlfriend with whom he’s been since his time at Palermo.

Napoli: The patron relaunches Sarri at the top - “you’ll see, we’ll come first”

De Laurentiis presents his latest Christmas film and thinks of the Scudetto.


Tare shakes up Lazio: “Now we have to be united”.
The fans invoke bombshell gestures after the refereeing errors, but the sporting director puts the brake on

Agnelli punches Europe, caresses Dybala

The Juve President relaunches the Champions League objective, jabs at Bonucci and cuddles the Argentine, who has the faith of Buffon too.
“He’s still our best player, I’m sure he’ll treasure Nedved’s advice”

All the secrets of Mihajlovic’s turnaround

Burdisso: ‘Lazio, how many lies?”

Epic Pordenone! Inter only on penalties.

Donnarumma, Raiola and the usual playacting to leave Milan

The agent: psychological violence, the contract is void.

Atalanta comeback, first away win and they reel in Toro

Gasp is ruthless, but the Rossoblu protest the 1-1.