Thursday 14 December 2017

Gigio cries, Milan smile

Verona beaten, Christmas derby.
Against Inter in the quarter-finals on the 27th.
Protested by the Curva, Donnarumma almost in tears after the banner (“Go away, our patience has run out”).
Suso, Romagnoli and Cutrone resolve the game [3-0]
Viola OK with Samp [3-2] with two Veretout penalties.
This evening Lazio-Cittadella.

Spalletti on the hunt: Bastoni, Ramires and Ciciretti for nothing on the list for January

Sabatini tries to bring the Atalanta man first.
Joao Mario will be the key man for the Brazilian.

Cuadrado to the square, with him scoring Juve have won 11 times out of 12

The Colombian reveals himself as precious for Allegri.
Marchisio: “Pjaca will be the real new signing”.

Emir Prandelli: “Tommasi-Albertini for our football”

“We’ll turn the page, we need fresh guys with he experience to restart.”
“I have a weakness for Sarri’s work”.

CR7 and Bale avoid Real embarrassment

Zoff, Pele, Maradona - history is up for auction

Tears and a derby

Milan forward in the Coppa Italia: Verona beaten, now for Inter

Donnarumma crying after lengthy fan protests

Fiorentina celebrate with Veretout

Frenchman twice from the spot to beat Samp (3-2)

At the Olimpico, Immobile leads Lazio

Suspended in Serie A, Ciro faces Cittadella tonight

Emre Can-Juve, there’s the all-clear

Klopp raises the white flag and Marotta on the attack

The German can arrive in June as a free agent

From Nedved to Zanetti, how many symbols become club leaders

Totti and Peruzzi already decisive too and many exes choose the bench

Another poker, City continue to break away and Mou is struggling

At the Club World Cup, Ronaldo goes to the Final, but what a battle

The truth on Paulo

It’s not about affairs of the heart, nor money issues

Dybala is above all paying for performance anxiety and the uncomfortable comparison with Messi

Summer as a Martian, then the crisis with two goals in 10 games

We reveal the Juve plan to relaunch their star


Lautaro Martinez idea

Manoeuvre with Newcastle, Acquah for Mitrovic


The fans to Donnarumma: ‘Enough, now go’

Verona beaten 3-0


The sprint for Deulofeu begins and there’s always the Verdi option

Club World Cup

Ronaldo and Bale knock down Al Jazira (2-1), Real in the Final