Thursday 4 January 2018

Juve roller, Toro rage

Coppa Italia: two goals for the Bianconeri, VAR controversy.
Allegri dominates the derby: Douglas Costa and Mandzukic score, Mihajlovic sent off.
He attacks Doveri, who consults the replay for Khedira on Acquah and doesn’t change his judgement on the 2-0.
Two-legged semi-finals: Juve-Atalanta and Milan-Lazio.

Dream big Dea

Team founded on hard work, city crazy with joy until dawn, the coming clashes with champions: all the secrets of Atalanta.

Calcio in the festive period: Successful test in Serie A, the Premier League rebels

Spalletti: “Inter, listen to Icardi, data on movement”

Discussion on the captain.

Pioli: “Baggio, come and talk to Fiorentina”

Silva, Biglia and Kalinic… redeemed by Milan?

Rossoneri hope

De Laurentiis’ faith in Napoli: “abundant squad”

Montella debuts with ‘his’ Sevilla, beats Cadiz 2-0

It’s always Juve

Bianconeri dominate the Coppa Italia Derby: it’s another Semi-Final

Douglas Costa opens, Mandzukic closes (2-0), but Toro furious on the second goal and Mihajlovic sent off

The more they sell, the more they win: the secrets of prodigal Atalanta

Gagliardini, Kessie and Conti have all said goodbye, but after the Europa League, they are in the Coppa Italia Semi-Final

The project works

Milan surprise

Walcott calls and offers himself

The Arsenal striker isn’t playing and seeks a new club

Inter future for Deulofeu

The Barça talent on loan

Spalletti not impressed with the campaign: ‘I have the same points as last year’

Bruno Peres in Turkey

Roma disappointed and let him go

Galatasaray put it all on the Brazilian: it can be done

‘Bravo Sarri, Napoli are great’

The ex-man Pecchia on Saturday at the San Paolo

‘We did the maximum with Benitez’

Rodrigo saves Montella, his Valencia begin with a 1-1

In the Premier League, Chelsea caught by Arsenal in the finale (spectacular 2-2)

Always Juve!


The Bianconeri dominate the Coppa Italia Derby and earn a Semi-Final against Atalanta

Douglas Costa and Mandzukic (on a move affected by a Khedira challenge that provokes rage and Mihajlovic dismissal) knock down a Toro that is too fragile and without a playing style


Barella renews, but Ausilio wants to book him

Contract with Cagliari extended to 2022, Nerazzurri at work for June


Andre Silva issue, away in January?

Rafinha emerges

Portugal international seeks a club that can give him more space

The Brazilian says goodbye to Barça

Sarri: Reinforcements right away

Roma, Monchi shakes things up

Conte, stunned at the 92nd

Montella, debut ok