Wednesday 17 January 2018

UEFA accounts

Italy only grows a bit, debts increasing


Up for sale

Ronaldo wants double his salary

Perez opposes and waits for offers

The story of Napoli’s great refusal

Verdi says ‘no’

The Bologna forward stays at Bologna, not even Sarri was able to convince him over the phone

De Laurentis had promised him €1.8m over five years

Today, waiting for the white smoke

Rafinha close to a ‘yes’

Inter and Barca are both close

It will be a six-month loan

From Darmian to Wendell

Juve hunting for full-backs

Mr. Li now raises his voice

"Milan, a normal purchase"

“Lucioni used steroids”

A year’s suspension


Rafinha now on the verge

Ausilio flies to Barcelona to bring him for the Nerazzurri: negotiations drag on, Brazilian pressing to leave

Politano wants Napoli

Verdi turnaround, he’s staying at Bologna and the Sassuolo winger steps forward

Stunned by the no from Sarri’s pupil, the Azzurri change objective

Giuntoli evaluates another three options: Deulofeu, Lucas Moura and Younes


Erikson and Özil, the parallel paths for Marotta

Double strategy to reach a trequartista


Mirabelli seeks understudy to Kessie, there’s Dembiray

Hoffenheim value him at €15m

Real Madrid

Ronaldo digs his heels in, he wants a higher salary

He earns €24m per year, but… it’s not enough

Fazio: ‘Trust in Roma’

‘We resume with conviction, our objective is the Champions League’


Lucioni, one-year ban

‘It’s scandalous’

The Benevento captain is shocked: ‘How could I control the medic?’


Emre Can

The truth

The fans ask Juve to keep Il Principino, but in June there could be a separation

German makes subtle comments, but Marotta’s patience…


Intervals with VAR

Toro behind the scenes: already at half-time against Bologna, the Coach wanted to re-watch the most important images of the first half with his players


Verdi says no, the soap opera is over

Real Madrid

Perez shock, Ronaldo ends up on the market